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At Freedom in Dance, you can turn dreams into a reality with a wide range of educational options taught by industry professionals. We do our best to accommodate all ages, ideas and groups by customizing your workshop. You select the style, we bring the workshop to you!


West African

This workshop is designed to educate participants of dance styles, as well as the culture. There are varying styles that fall under West African dance, and this can be discussed to assist you with your selection.

Hip Hop

This is a high energy class that will help improve coordination, and rhythm. From old school, to the latest trends, participants will experience the most important elements of Hip Hop.

Caribbean Dance Styles

Enjoy the sounds of tropical beats while learning the dances of the Caribbean. From Junkanoo, to Soca and Dancehall, experience authentic choreography from the islands.


This offers athletic building components unique to dance specifically. Sport movements are built into exercises, rhythmic drills, which is supported by an element of dance movements. There is no choreography or routine to learn so this is great for athletes.

Musical Theater

Enjoy dancing to a song from your favourite musical or perform a Broadway themed routine. This class is comprised of a theatrical style of Jazz with elements of drama.


We take it back to the disco era to touch on popular elements of this dance style. For adventurous groups we combine elements of disco and hip hop to offer the style of House.


Contemporary class is comprised of a relaxed element of Ballet. This gentle class will develop technique and flexibility while giving participants the opportunity to experience freeing dance movements.

Yoga, Meditation & Holistic Nutrition

New this year we have added some wonderful experiences for participants. Each session aims to provide practical experiences for students to connect with their inner potential and resolve inner and outer conflicts using Yoga and Mindfulness. Workshops in holistic nutrition and personal health are also available.

Contact us to discuss rates and our wide range of educational options. 

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